Waterfall in geology called down water, that water flows through the fault, when depression and other regions fall vertically. Period of time in the river, waterfall is a temporary feature, it will eventually disappear. Erosion rate depends on the height of a particular waterfall, flow, on the rock type and structure, as well as other factors.

China waterfall


China has many famous waterfalls, like in Zhenning Buyi and Miao Autonomous County of Guizhou Province in southwest Huangguoshu Falls, Anhui Huangshan Kowloon waterfall on Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang Province, at the outlet of Lake Mirror Beth Diaoshuilou waterfalls, Zhejiang Hill saddle Yeongseo the Dalongqiu Falls, Shandong Laoshan Longtan waterfall, the largest and most spectacular of Yunnan large cascading waterfall, wide Xixi Long cold water falls and so on. These waterfalls are unique, magnificent Pearl Beach Waterfall gas potential, attracting many tourists ancient and modern, but also a lot of praise resulting waterfall famous masterpiece

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